TBT: Patricia Thornton on “The Problem of Out-Migration from Atlantic Canada”

The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray have displaced the population of an entire city, many of whom are expatriate Atlantic Canadians who left this region in search of better economic opportunities out west. Today’s Throwback Thursday piece – Patricia Thornton’s “The Problem of Out-Migration in Atlantic Canada, 1871-1921: A New Look” – is in recognition of all those from Atlantic Canada who have had to leave (and who have been affected by the fires raging in northern Alberta). Please consider donating to the Red Cross to help those affected by the Alberta fires.

About The Acadiensis Blog

The Acadiensis Blog is a place for Atlantic Canadian historians to share their research with both a scholarly and general audience. We welcome submissions on all topics Atlantic Canadian. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please contact Acadiensis Digital Communications Editor Corey Slumkoski at corey.slumkoski@msvu.ca.
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