Photo Search: We Want You

At Acadiensis we are marking our 50th birthday this autumn and are asking for your help to celebrate.  As you move into the tenth month of the pandemic and for those teaching, start the third term, you may have found yourself reduced to “sorting through” your own personal archives.  Did you find any photos or programs of past Atlantic Canada Studies Conferences or Atlantic Canada Workshops?  We’d love copies to put together a visual record of this community.

Bill Parenteau and Danny Samson (with Herb Wyile in the background) at the Atlantic Canada Studies Conference – St. Thomas University 2014  

Please send photos to Suzanne Morton ( with as many labels as possible. It would be also appreciated if you could spread the word to those who may not be connected through social media. Fifty years is something to celebrate.

About The Acadiensis Blog

The Acadiensis Blog is a place for Atlantic Canadian historians to share their research with both a scholarly and general audience. We welcome submissions on all topics Atlantic Canadian. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please contact Acadiensis Digital Communications Editor Corey Slumkoski at
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