Canada-wide History Wikipedia edit-a-thon

The following notice might be of interest to some readers of the blog. I’m sure those of you who’ve looked at Wikipedia (still not a good source for essays!) have noticed that it is a little sparse on Atlantic Canadian history topics – here’s a chance to remedy that!


To have wide spread participation in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon focusing on Canadian history.


October 18, 2017

Different types of participation

Hosts: These are people who can help facilitate a physical space for experts, contributors, editors, and translators to meet on October 18th. This space can be in a museum, archive, library, or classroom. A place that would be open to the public on this day, have a strong wifi, outlets, and comfortable seating.

Additionally, hosts should be willing to welcome people of all genders, races, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations, and ability levels.

Wiki editing experts: If you have experience contributing to Wikipedia in any topic we could use your expertise! Whether you’re into history or not, the more experts able to answer random questions on site the better!

Contributors: Whether you are a generalist or an expert on a specific topic there is a way for you to contribute to Wikipedia on this day.

Editors: No experience necessary! If you don’t fancy yourself an expert on a specific topic there are a number of entries on Wikipedia that need your help. From footnotes to copyediting there is something for you.

Translators: Wikipedia articles can be available in many different languages or just one. If you write more than one language, this role might be for you!

Sponsors: If your organization would like to support this initiative but is unable to provide a physical space, we can connect you with a local host to help you provide what they need. For example, snacks and drinks!

For more information contact Krista McCracken –


About The Acadiensis Blog

The Acadiensis Blog is a place for Atlantic Canadian historians to share their research with both a scholarly and general audience. We welcome submissions on all topics Atlantic Canadian. If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please contact Acadiensis Digital Communications Editor Corey Slumkoski at
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